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Re: [K12OSN] OT: Hardware question for thin client

Thanks for all the tips here! You've cleared up a question that had been buggin me for a bit... so if I understand correctly... then this might be something doable it's 'just' openmosix doesn't know how to handle a client 'winking out' very well.

If, and this a big IF, openmosix had better thread switching it would work, having lots of thin clients sharing processes using spare cycles?

Is it possible through LTSP to keep a node from being shut down through the terminal?...

am I wandering too far off topic?


Shawn Austin wrote:
The problem with that is if an openmoxis node is rebooted, it will generally kill the application and hang the machine that it was launched from. A server cluster makes much more sense for things like this.
James Jensen wrote:

--- Julius Szelagiewicz <julius turtle com> wrote:

On Sun, 8 Jun 2003, Dennis Daniels wrote:
Is anyone using Open Mosix to create render farms for chemical chain
renderings/ video/ 3D? I'm of the mind that the more 'super-computers'
in a school the more likely students will try to max it out...
the sane way is to use the *servers* for the cluster and to keep
the clients simple and cheap. The justification is rather simple: serers
stay up, terminals wink in and out of existence. beefing up the servers
makes sense - all gain advantage, beefing up terminals yields no real
advantage. think *thin* terminal *fat* severs. julius

...and openMosix cluster the "fat servers" on the backend! Surely someone
out there is at least doing that!!

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