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Re: [K12OSN] downloading K12LTSP-3.1.0

On Sat, 2003-06-07 at 10:55, Gavin Chester wrote:
> Thank you Eric, Paul and all you K12OSN people for organising an
> Australian mirror (Planet Mirror) to carry K12LTSP (plus I see that your
> mirrors worldwide has _exploded_ to quite a list).  I'm getting good
> download times as I type this compared against crossing the Pacific to
> sites in the States :-)).  So far, 20 hours downloading and I've got
> 240Mb of disk 1!! Don't laugh - that's good going ;-) 
> Now, if only they offered your files available to their rsync server
> daemon ... hmmm ... anything you guys can do to push them in that
> direction?  I've sent a polite email to the Planet Mirror admin, but too
> early for a reply from them yet.  (the files are available by anon FTP,
> but excluded from their rsync service for some reason)

Good news for Australians wanting to use rsync for K12LTSP ISOs :-) 

Just had an email from Dan Goodes of Planet Mirror (see above) saying 
that they have now made K12LTSP available to their rsync server.  Also 
available is Knoppix, for those interested.  For all you in the education
sector, others distros under consideration include Freeduc.

Use these URLs:


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