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RE: [K12OSN] K12LTSP and Citrix?

I have been playing around with K12LTSP for a while, and might be
introducing it for use in a non-profit organization in the fall.

I have the linux ICA client installed on the K12LTSP server and it works
fine from my test clients (P166MMX / 32 Mb Ram/ 4 Mb Video/ 10/100 NIC).   I
set the ICA client to run in full screen mode, and it works great.  There
are ofcourse some issues to deal with if you need to use local printers or
drives, but for regular ICA use it is fine.

I am sure if you wanted to have the default ICA client connection start when
the users Gnome desktop starts, and ran it in full screen mode, the average
user would never know they weren't on an NT4/Windoze machine.

The determining factors for the usability of Citrix in conjunction with
K12LTSP are ofcourse related to your bandwidth to the Citrix server, how
beefy your K12LTSP server is and how many client connections you need to
support.  In general, if your thinclient can support running the Gnome
desktop, it should be able to run an ICA desktop with the same resolution.

Paul Davison
IT Manager
PS Production Services

> Message: 13
> Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2003 09:39:34 -0400
> From: Jim Anderson <netman1 optonline net>
> Subject: RE: [K12OSN] K12LTSP and Citrix?
> To: K12OSN Mailing List <K12OSN redhat com>
> Reply-To: k12osn redhat com
> Thanks, Matt.  I'm aware of the Citrix Linux client and this would be a
> good solution for some of our later-model workstations that have decent
> speed, RAM, and newer hard drives.
> My problem is that some of the machines I'm looking at are quite old and
> well-used Pentium 133s with only 16MB RAM, others are 166s with 32MB.  I
> suppose I could install a thin version of Linux with a desktop like
> IceWM, but then I still have the problem of some pretty ratty hard
> drives that would require replacement soon.  I'm sure that the
> powers-that-be don't want to invest in maintaining this equipment, but
> if there were a "solid-state" solution in the form of bootable NICs (I
> use the Lynksys ones from disklessworkstations.com at home) that would
> enable these computers to not need further service I might be able to
> introduce Linux and OSS into the environment via K12LTSP if I can have
> them "route" a citrix session to the workstations.
> Is there a way to boot directly into a Citrix ICA client from Linux
> without a desktop?  This would be a fallback position if the opinion is
> against a Linux desktop or LTSP.  At least that's one less set of
> desktop OS licenses going to M$, but I would preferably have the school
> district and my employer see the advantages and wealth of good Open
> Source software available in the K12LTSP package.

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