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Re: [K12OSN] <OT> yum+bind was: yum as well was: apt-get question_ one page thread?

--- Dennis Daniels <ddaniels magic fr> wrote:
> > Time for a Wiki page on the merits & usage of yum Russ!
> > 
> > If you don't do it, I will simply cut & paste you mails to it! ;-)
> > 
> > James Jensen
> > Share the wealth: Wikify your expert advice!
> > http://k12ltsp.org/phpwiki
> Question: is there a mail client (i'm using moz1.4) that will show an 
> entire thread in one uninterrupted page? If you know of a way to show an 
>   entire thread on one page... you'd make my documenting days so much 
> shorter!
> Dennis

*I* don't personally know of a mail client that does what you want but I
think someone mentioned that Mozilla's or Netscape's does this...

At any rate, you can view threads for the list here:



James Jensen

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