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Re: [K12OSN] <OT> yum+bind was: yum as well was: apt-get question_one page thread?

thanks all for the reply! I'm aware of thread view in moz... unfortunately there doesn't appear to be a one page view for all messages in a thread... concatenate, that's the word!
thanks again!

Quentin Hartman wrote:

Question: is there a mail client (i'm using moz1.4) that will show an entire thread in one uninterrupted page? If you know of a way to show an entire thread on one page... you'd make my documenting days so much shorter!

Sylpheed and Slypheed-claws both allow you to sort mail by thread, as does (did? I haven't used it in awhile...) Evolution. I currently use Sylpheed-claws for all my personal mail, and when I have a bit of free time (heh..) I am going to move to it from Eudora for my work mail as well as they also have a win32 version available. It's a very nice program.

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