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RE: [K12OSN] switching from static to dhcp

--- Chris Bacigalupo <baci harborcityschool org> wrote:
> I just installed K12LTS on one of our dell poweredge 1650s to begin
> testing for next year's transition to thin clients(I hope). In the
> process of the install I elected to not use dhcp and give the server a
> static 10. adress. Now it's not finding the network. I'd like to switch
> back to dhcp and then force the static ip from my nameserver (win2k).
> How should I go about this? When I try to get to network services from
> the gnome desktop it wont even launch. I'd hate to do an entire
> re-install....There must be some .conf file which I can pico.
> Thanks in advance
> Chris Bacigalupo,

I'm not sure if I'm following your dilemma exactly right but you can set a
static IP for your NIC at:


Did you rpm -e your dhcpd server of just turn off the service?  Do you
still have /etc/dhcp.conf?

This shouldn't be too painful to fix (if I am following you correctly)...

James Jensen

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