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Re: [K12OSN] Gigabit on cat5 and even cat3!

Guy Lessard wrote:

Here is a snippet from Wideband http://www.bcdusa.com/wideband/
Reliability is the key. No one really wants a network of any kind. We just
want the files to be there automagically when we want them. If you MUST have
a network, get a gigabit network that is transparent to your real work and
won't bog you down. Wideband NICs and Switches are so good that they will
operate extremely well over CAT5e cable, existing CAT5, and even pretty well
over CAT3 phone-type cable (That's just to show off. It does have to
negotiate to a slower speed.) Wideband made the news by running a Gigabit
Ethernet segment over 8 strands of barbed wire! The point is that Wideband
Gigabit Ethernet is reliable even when 10/100Base-T networks are

So they are saying that Cat3 is used but at a slower speed. How compatible
is this stuff with standard Gigabit?

Supposed to be 100% compliant. But, I'm not a rep; I was just impressed and wanted to share the info with the group.

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