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Re: [K12OSN] upgrade 3.0.2-2 to latest ok ?

> Ok, what were those issues ?  How many is 'few' ?  Were they a weeks
> work to fix ?

Well the issues I had you can see on the thread from about a month ago.
One, I had to run the ltsp-initialize script after the install. I think
Eric fixed this in 3.1.0 final. Two, I never could get the drag icon to
all desktop script thingamadoodle to work after I upgraded--a fresh
install fixed it. There was something with xdmcp but it was fixed in 3.1.0
final as well. Hmm...come to think of it that's about it.....so in theory
things should work pretty dern good now. As you can see the issues I did
have weren't life threatening. The iceWM in 3.1.0 has an awesome XP look!

> Where did you say you lived ?  ;-)

Let's see how your install goes and then I might tell you ;-)

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