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RE: [K12OSN] NFS /home but not apps?

I've been thinking about this same concept.

A "Thick Client"?

>From what I can tell, a 2.1 gig HD should be able to hold the OS and
basic productivity apps. I haven't set it up yet but I'm hoping some
form of LDAP/Samba will allow for cross platform user auth and NFS

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David Bucknell wrote:

>Dear All,
>We have two needs: to make use of relatively new machines (128 RAM, 40 
>Gig hard disks, 1+ Gig CPU's) and to bring down the price of new 
>machines by using thin clients.
I'm facing the same situation.

>Our question is how to maximize use of existing hard disks and optimize

>use of a Cat 5 100 MB network for 50 machines.
>On the relatively new machines, we would like to mount just the /home 
>dirs but save network bandwidth by using local apps rather than 
>bringing them over the network.
This is what I'm considering doing also.

>Is this possible? We have not been able to get it to work.
Of course it's possible! (smirk)  But, I've not made it work yet for me 
(not attempted).  What have you attempted to do?  What were the errors /

problems you encountered.  If you will tell us this, the wonderful, 
highly intelligent & friendly people on this list may be able to assist 
you (and in the process, assist me to do the same thing).

>We were hoping to use NIS, too. People are telling us that it's 
>unreliable, but I see it as the best answer.
>Suggestions based on experience/ideas would be gratefully received.
>Best wishes,
>David Bucknell
>Rose Marie Academy, Thailand

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