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Re: [K12OSN] Conference??

Chris Bacigalupo wrote:

BTW has there ever been an actual physical conference of listees here?
It seems as if there could be a lot gained by getting together in one
location and having sessions covering the topics discussed on this list.

I've seen it discussed, but no one's "made it so". Where would it be held? Who would host it? Who would be in charge of setting it up, etc.? Surely with the knowledgable people on this list, we could do this quickly and easily using PHP or something ... right? We could all register for the conference online, etc. We could have vendors sponsor it and set up booths. We could have general sessions and break out sessions for specific topics and even informal round table discussion sessions. Let's make it so! I'm all for it. I'm willing to help in whatever fashion I am able.

Looking at the where question. Since the members of the list are so geographically separated, both in and out of the US, could we do it by video conference?

The disadvantage of a virtual conference is of course the time spent outside of talks ...the schmoozing with peers, social aspects and vendor time.

Do people have the capabilities to do H.320 or H.323? The idea is moot if most people don't have the capability.


I am willing to help how I can to make this work too.


Scott Sherrill
Technology Coordinator Hancock Public Schools
Hancock, MI

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