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Re: [K12OSN] NFS /home but not apps?

--- "Richard K. Ingalls" <awm002 mail connect more net> wrote:
> Petre Scheie wrote:
> > The problem with 'local apps' is that you lose some of the fundamental 
> > benefits of thin clients: no local configuration to manage, the 
> > ability to use old/low-end hardware, and ability to easily & quickly 
> > replace a dead workstation.  If you're using 100Mb to the client, 
> > especially if it's switched 100Mb, then there's really no point to 
> > trying to cut down on network bandwidth, provided you have sufficient 
> > bandwidth from the switch to the server.  I think you're support time 
> > and hassles will go up significantly if you have to start managing an 
> > installed OS on the client, whether it's Linux or Windows. 
> Yeah, you're probably right.  BUT, I've got 24 boxes in my lab right now 
> (Cel. 1Ghz, 128 Ram, 20 Gb drives, Windows98).  I want to give my users 
> access to their /home directories on the K12LTSP server (in another 
> classroom with 10 clients).  Right now, I'm using a program called 
> WINSCP2 that connects via ssh.  It works well, but I just want to manage 
> fewer PCs.  Maybe I could upgrade these to P3 or P4 CPUs and up the RAM 
> significantly (1Gig) and make these boxes into K12LTSP servers for other 
> classrooms?  Then just use old Pentium 75s or AMD 150s as clients.  What 
> do you folks on the list think?

Set up Samba on you K12LTSP box and script/map your Windoze user's to their
home directories on your Linux server...

I agree with Petre regarding the local apps issue.  If you are in a
strictly Linux lab and want to employ LTSP why would you turn your thin
clients into fat ones?  It defeats the purpose, and all the benefits he
mentioned.  If you were going to do that you might as well just set up a
fileserver and load each workstation individually (oh the pain!)...

James Jensen

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