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Re: [K12OSN] Conference??

On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, Scott Sherrill wrote:
 Looking at the where question.  Since the members of the list are so
 geographically separated, both in and out of the US, could we do it
 by video conference?

 The disadvantage of a virtual conference is of course the time spent
 outside of talks ...the schmoozing with peers, social aspects and
 vendor time.

 Do people have the capabilities to do H.320 or H.323?  The idea is
 moot if most people don't have the capability.

As to where - hook up with Linuxworld is rather obvious. Teleconf is ok for people that already know each other well, otherwise it gets to be rather stiff. julius

p.s. Eric, will you be at Linuxworld in SF?

That's a possibility too: to hook with another existing conference (Linuxworld), but all the ideas I've heard so far have sounded to me like a stand-alone, separate unto itself event.

I see the advantage of hooking with Linuxworld as you tap into their resources, and making the conference back-to-back (or a track inside?) you attend 2 conferences for the price of one.

Isn't Linuxworld usually held at SF and NY? Both of those cities can get expensive fast for conferencing.....and if our audience is primarily K12 schools, a site like Duluth might be more economically feasible.

That's also why I proposed the vid conf idea. Cost is significantly less, we lose the f2f contact, but a school might be able to afford 8/16/24 hours of video conference time instead of sending someone to NY for 5 days.

Scott Sherrill
Technology Coordinator Hancock Public Schools
Hancock, MI

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