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[K12OSN] re: NFS and local apps and NIS

Hi James,

I responded to an initial thread and added my own needs and thoughts... We just can't afford another server upgrade, and our standalone win boxes have 128meg, are 900 durons, and have lost their licenses to other boxes. So rather than overload our one K12LTSP server I wrote about nfsing the K12LTSP server homes and letting the server also do the authenticating with NIS...

The boxes are duplicates and I figured that I'ld just use http://www.feyrer.de/g4u/ to clone the working client model...

My sever CPUs never seem to go over 50% each, but at 30+ clients up, the 2 gigs ram is down to about 400 megs free...

I wouldn't mind admining duplicates standalones in linux.

Anyone here using NIS? I'm messing with it at home now.

Thanks Everyone,


Set up Samba on you K12LTSP box and script/map your Windoze user's to their
home directories on your Linux server...

I agree with Petre regarding the local apps issue.  If you are in a
strictly Linux lab and want to employ LTSP why would you turn your thin
clients into fat ones?  It defeats the purpose, and all the benefits he
mentioned.  If you were going to do that you might as well just set up a
fileserver and load each workstation individually (oh the pain!)...

James Jensen


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