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Re: [K12OSN] Server specs for 24 client lab

I just bought a server for a similar situation.  Here is what I bought:

2 - 60 GB HD (Hardware RAID)
3 - 100/1000 NICs

I would recommend buying for expansion.  The server I bought will handle much 
more that the 15-20 clients I will put on it.  But, if I decide to add more 
clients, it will be very easy to do.  Just pop in another client and the server 
can handle it.  I don't want to buy a new server every year - which is what I 
am afriad that I would need to do if I spec'd the server for the "minimal" 
requirements for the number of clients I would start with.  

Plan for the future.

Jim Hays
Technology Director
Monticello CUSD#25
Monticello, IL  61856

Quoting "Richard K. Ingalls" <awm002 mail connect more net>:

> Hello list members!
> I'm interested in setting up a server for my existing win98 lab.  I have 
> 24 stand alone boxes (Cel 1Ghz, 128 Ram, 20 Gb HDD).  My students will 
> most likely use Mozilla, OpenOffice and GIMP and some of the other 
> stuff.  But, for the most part, they will run Mozilla and OO 
> concurrently.  What should my server specs be?  Do I need dual Pentiums 
> or can I get by with a single P4 2.4 Ghz?  And LOTS of RAM (2 - 3 Gb)?  
> Can I get by with 100Mb Ethernet - I hope so 'cuz that's all I got.
> Thanks people!
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