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Re: [K12OSN] NFS /home but not apps?

Is anyone familiar with the XASS (X Application Server System)? I was reading about it recently, and according to the Web site (http://xass.sourceforge.net/), it will let you load-balance running X11 applications on each box, including client boxes, with little fuss. Given the power of all those boxes, it might be something to consider.

A tweak on this idea might be to beef up several of those boxes (say, 5 or 6) w/ some DRAM and make them K12LTSP servers, with the rest of the boxes acting as thin clients.

I haven't tried it yet (haven't had time), but on paper, it looks like a good fit for your situation, since you want to go all GNU/Linux.


David Bucknell wrote:

Quoting Robert McDonald <rob nzpages net>:

If the current standalone boxen are windows, install samba on the server and

export /home as a samba share. Then enable the appropriate auth on samba and

you'll be fine :D


In our case, this is what we have been doing this past year. It has worked
extremely well and saved us a bundle. We now want to go all Linux.

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