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Re: [K12OSN] Server specs for 24 client lab

The only caution I would add in the network bandwidth arena depends on any other apps you're running besides what you list below. I did some tests with TuxType last month, and a single session used aboug 73Mb on a 100/FDX connection. So, if you're going to have several people at the same time running apps with constant screen updates (like TuxType), I'd go for a Gig-E card in the server. This does *not* apply to apps like OpenOffice.org, Mozilla, The GIMP, and other office-productivity-type stuff.


cwagnon redbugmail k12 ar us wrote:

I'm interested in setting up a server for my existing win98 lab. I have
24 stand alone boxes (Cel 1Ghz, 128 Ram, 20 Gb HDD). My students will
most likely use Mozilla, OpenOffice and GIMP and some of the other
stuff. But, for the most part, they will run Mozilla and OO
concurrently. What should my server specs be? Do I need dual Pentiums
or can I get by with a single P4 2.4 Ghz?

I would go dual....but a single xeon with hyperthreading can do wonders. I wouldn't be afraid to go with a single 2.4ghz Xeon, but you could be more confident with dual.

And LOTS of RAM (2 - 3 Gb)?

Yup. I'd go ahead and shoot for 3gb

Can I get by with 100Mb Ethernet - I hope so 'cuz that's all I got.

If I can run 60 on 100mb then you can run 24 ;-). Should be no problem.

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