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Re: [mail] Re: [K12OSN] NFS /home but not apps?

Rob Becker wrote:

I would personally prefer to support twenty or so k12ltsp servers and a
large number of thin clients than even the 24 Windows clients you have
in your lab.  If the apps provided with k12ltsp can cover the
requirements of your environment.  Then I would move to a thin client
setup with all haste (documenting carefully along the way and carefully
thinking through the architecture choices etc.)  Some of the things you
may want to consider would be building out a couple of fast nfs servers
for your /home directories and testing with a few of the celerons as app
servers.  Let us know how your project goes, what you choose to do, and
what the results are...

Thanks for the input! I have one established K12LTSP lab with 10 clients in a language arts classroom. This is my NFS server for the /home directory (Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz, 1 Gig RAM, 36 Gb SCSI drive). Should I take it out of the classroom as an application server and let it only function as a NFS server (and put one of my 1 Ghz Celerons in there as an app. server)? Can 1Ghz Cel. handle that or do I need to upgrade the processor to PIII or P4 (if possible).

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