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Re: [Fwd: RE: [K12OSN] auto login]

sorry I didn't respond to your last e-mail about this...
I have a question for Rich...

the last thing here says to make sure you have a workstation with a host name of ws004
so, can I pick and choos which pc's do this by setting them up in dhcp to get a certain ip address, then have dns associate that ip address with a hostname...?
so, kindergarten autologin, lab login....?

cwagnon redbugmail k12 ar us wrote:

I don't know if you guys have seen this. Rich McCue told me how to get
autologin working with k12ltsp. I had sent messages out to the list off
and on about it and never got an answer so I figured someone else might
want me to share this ;-)

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: RE: [K12OSN] auto login
From: Rich McCue <rmccue law uvic ca>
Date: Thu, June 12, 2003 2:49 pm
To: Caleb Wagnon <cwagnon redbugmail k12 ar us>

I just figured it out...

Add to the following File: /etc/X11/xdm/kdmrc

Edit the following File: /etc/sysconfig/desktop

Make sure you have a user called “ws004” and the host name for a
workstation is “ws004”. Reboot and you should be in business.


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