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[K12OSN] Windows 2000 computers connecting to Linux server

I am still not sure how to get my Windows 2000
machines to talk to my linux server.  I have around
1400 students, teachers, and staff that will have
access to these computers and I do not want to put all
of the names on these computers.  Very impractical.  I
have all of the names in a smbpasswd file, I know
there has to be a way to access the names on this list
when a person logs onto the Windows 2000 machine.  If
someone has an idea, please let me know.  I'm afraid
that I need the best possible notes on how to set it
up if someone has an answer.

I looked at Webmin, but I couldn't figure out how to
use it to access the list that I have and then have
the Windows 2000 machines see it.  The Windows 98
machines have no problems.

Thank you for your help.


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