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RE: [K12OSN] Re: Questions on Lowest Specs

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I have my test setup with normally 3 clients running web browsing and some word processing.  Celeron 900mhz regularly hits 100%, but it isn't noticeable.  512mb of ram.  Once I get over the 3 clients it starts swapping and slows down alot!
1gb would serve 5 nicely for me.  I also run software raid 0 on two IDE 40gb hard drives.  This is an improvement over a single hard drive with multiple users.  Any more than that 5 and I'm sure I would be suffering.
It's okay for testing and I don't have much money into that box.  For production I'd go dual something....I think it improves it overall when things get busy.  3-4gb of ram... better safe than sorry.  Sacrifice processor for RAM I would say.
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Heh, yeah, I noticed that I didn't specify. Right now I'm not too sure about how many, but it's for a computer lab at my school, so about 15-25 computers, probably to do word processing and tinkering by people interested in linux. I'm building the lab for a teacher and he'll be most likely teaching an introduction to linux class the year after.. we're just concerned about how the suggested server is so high, even for 5 cleints. Perhaps they are being a bit liberal when they said a 1GHz processor for 5 computers?
Thanks for all the help

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