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Re: [K12OSN] Trekking into K12LTSP territory

Another option, if he's not running a Red Hat distro, is to use the original LTSP, which I know from experience works on many distros. Same benefit, but w/o the reinstall or the RPM dependencies that may show up.

Would this be an option in this case? LTSP really isn't that bad to set up.


Dan Young wrote:

Brian Fahrlander wrote:

    There are two paths I can follow: rip it all out and reinstall
(which means 8-10 web apps and the associated database stuff) or figure
out how to pull over the K12LTSP packages separately.


    I really don't want a re-install, but I'll do it, if it means that
I'll get some initialization that doesn't happen otherwise...

I think a fair amount of the magic happens in /opt/ltsp/templates/k12linux/K12Linux-LTSP-initialize which is from the ltsp_config RPM. I bet you could grab the ltsp_* RPMs appropriate to your distro version, run the initialize shell script and be off to the races.

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