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Re: [K12OSN] The need for speed...

On Sat, 14 Jun 2003, Dan Young wrote:

>So Redhat includes support for the reiserfs filesystem. Don't mistake
>support for (Capital S) Support. I'd wager a Redhat tech wouldn't give
>you the time of day if you're not using ext2/3. Go to
>http://www.namesys.com/ to find why reiser is way neato. To make a
>reiserfs partition at install time, you just need to start the install
>by typing "linux reiserfs" at the boot prompt. Then partition as
>usual, selecting reiserfs for your /foo partition in Disk Druid.

Nice tip on the "linux reiserfs", I had not noticed that one. I'll
have to try it with "linux xfs" and/or "linux jfs" as well ;-)

I used to use reiserfs pretty heavily, but moved them all over to ext3.
Reiserfs (v3) is really fast, but it does not deal with corruption at all.
I've lost a couple file systems, it was pretty ugly.

I've see corrupted ext2/ext3 partitions, but I've always managed to
fix them and/or get the data back off.

That said, I will be moving at least my proxy servers back over to 
reiserfs. I'm thinking long and hard about the mail servers, but in
that case I may just throw more horsepower at it.

Reiserfs v4 is just around the corner... ;-)


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