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Re: [K12OSN] Trekking into K12LTSP territory

On Sat, 2003-06-14 at 09:17, Terrell Prude', Jr. wrote:
> Another option, if he's not running a Red Hat distro, is to use the 
> original LTSP, which I know from experience works on many distros.  Same 
> benefit, but w/o the reinstall or the RPM dependencies that may show up.
> Would this be an option in this case?  LTSP really isn't that bad to set up.

    Yeah, it's Redhat 9; I prefer Redhat because I see it as a
'reference' distro.  Now that it has Apt, what's the point in Debian?
And distros like Mandrake and others are based on Redhat; I like their
stuff, but the sleek, glassy graphics aren't worth the re-tooling time
'cause they have their own set of tools.  It's just a personal choice.

    Please- no flames; this is just my honest opinion and it works for

    Now, I used to run LTSP 2.x; it was a little work to set up, but
that was because my hardware was *severely* limited. What a pain.  But I
loved the final outcome...and it impressed several people, and as far as
I know, it's still running today.  There's an accountant in Chicago
that'll defend her machine by force, if she has to.  :)

    But LTSP's 3.x was a serious pain.  I have no idea what I was doing
wrong ALL FIVE TIMES I TRIED IT, but the etherboot upgrade seemed to be
the biggest part.

    I have no proof that K12LTSP will work any better in it, but I'm
keen to try.  I'm using a single Jammin-125 'cause it's a demo box, but
later I intend to drop it into (for example) a college setting where
I'll show the first one working, and boot existing machines from
floppies for an amplified effect.  At least that's the plan, anyway.

    I think what I'll do, due to the poor luck with LTSP, is to install
it on a spare disk and see if it works. Then if it does, I'll copy all
the demo applications to a safe place, and install it 'for real'.

    I'll letcha know how it goes.  It's a rainy, boring day here in
Southern Indiana; looks like a good day to try.

Brian Fahrlander                             Linux Zealot, Conservative,
Evansville, IN                                             and Technomad
ICQ 5119262                                    http://www.kamakiriad.com
Linux: it's all about choice and better software.      Live free or die.

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