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[K12OSN] Conference??trains and buses and more stuff

k12osn redhat com writes:
>> well since there are several nice ski slopes not too far away, Maine!!!!
>> did someone say "Sunday River"!

Actually Sugarloaf USA is closer to Bangor, but Sunday River is in Derek
Dresser's backyard....literally.  Derek runs an LTSP school (completely). 
Gould Academy is a private school (gorgeous old style Eastern US private
school with very modern technology)  in Bethel....same town as Sunday
River.  It's got a really nice brand new science and tech building that's
to die for.  They use all LTSP stuff....including lots of the little
Jammin' 125's with flat panels like Jim MacQuillan has on his site
www.disklessworkstations.com   Derek is hosting a Maine Summer Linux
Workshop in late July....more info here  
  Gonna' be a blast...looking forward to all the Samba/LDAP stuff as well
as the K12LTSP stuff.  Derek is and has been running Samba/LDAP for at
least a year now.  It's running great!  He's the one who turned me on to
it.  And thanks to the help from Barry and all of you I now have gotten
over my "mass user import hurdle" and can now put it into production as
soon as my new server arrives from Daktech next week (www.daktech.com)  I
also want to share that I'm have phenomenal luck with switches from
Amer.com and the price is fantastic!  I bought a whole bunch of their
little 5 port switches to allow me to install more K12LTSP boxes in
classrooms (mini-labs)....I've also bought a few of the new 24 port
switches that also have 2 gigabit uplink ports (SR24G2) ...only $169.  For
those folks who have OS X machines...I've developed a how-to for deploying
OS X machines in mass ( http://www.vcs.u52.k12.me.us/RID ) and these
switches make ALL the difference.  They cut deployment time down to a
third of what it takes with a regular 10/100 switch....see here as well 

I'm going to dangle a couple of these switches off my K12LTSP server from
gigabit cards this year to shift the bottleneck down to the clients
instead of the server.  I'll report back once I know more....I also want
to use gigabit between my Samba/LDAP server and my K12LTSP server to
ensure high speed transfer of home dirs stuff and all.  Works great in my
head....can't wait to try it live.

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Coordinator
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask vcs u52 k12 me us

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