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[K12OSN] Conference--seafood

Okay...again I say Duluth -- Sitting on the Western most tip of Lake
Superior( greatest of lakes) we have a abundance of smelt and lutefisk -
hmm nothing like lye cured whitefish with the consistency of
Jell-O....really come on guys..cant beat that with a stick of DRAM....

Just count me in Bangor to Auckland!

Chris Bacigalupo,
Technical Coordinator
Harbor City International School
332 W. Mich. St. Ste. 300  
Duluth, MN 55802
tel. (218) 722.7574
cel. (218) 390.7582

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On Fri, 13 Jun 2003 jam McQuil com wrote:

>On Fri, 13 Jun 2003, David Trask wrote:
>> I love the Bangor idea....nice international airport (aptly named 
>> Bangor International Airport) with lots of flights that come in from 
>> all over the world (at least for fuel).  We could put something 
>> together at the University of Maine (15 mins from Airport) and have 
>> some fun.  I know of a company in New Hampshire that would set up a 
>> whole bunch of K12LTSP machines for us to play with.  Besides...it's 
>> about time we had something on the "right" coast.  ;-)  Fresh Maine 
>> lobster anyone?  How about Maine Blueberries?
>did you say "Lobster" ?
>count me in

Ha! A few minutes ago I sent David an email asking for a good excuse to
go to Maine.

I *just* had a flash-back to the big bill Jim and I racked up on sea
food during the NECC conference in Seattle last year.

It seems that Bangor is the leading candidate for the first official
LTSP conference.

I will counter this suggestion, however, by offering up Puerto Valletta
as an excellent back-up plan for sea-food-heavy destinations. In the
middle of winter, would you rather go to Maine, Oregon, or Mexico? ;-)


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