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[K12OSN] Finishing touches on ldap- but help!


Sorry about my last message about ldap.  It got clippped for some reason...
And one that I sent to the list 10 minutes ago didn't seem to go either.

I have used the ldaphack script to config the ldap server, and both gq and
directory_administrator can open it.

Users already created on my server BEFORE (sorry to yell!) the ldaphack
config-server script is run can log onto a remote client/stand-alone.

I'm using NFSed homes and everything seems to be fine from stand-alone logons.


How do I add new users?! I can't find the appropriate Webmin script, or if I
use the provides ldaphack adduser script, how much info do I need to provide?

Directory_administrator 1.5.1-1 seems to be more friendly (with its big NewUser icon)
but it reports back that I have insufficient access to finish adding a new user,
and I'm logged on as root on the server.

Thanks for any ideas,


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