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[K12OSN] Re: [K12SN] win4lin

The floppy did work but I could not 'see' the CD-ROM drive. I believe I was able to see the floppy drive. It's been a coupld weeks since I tried this, so my recollection is a bit fuzzy. But what I remember is thinking that you would be disappointed because it wasn't doing everything you indicated you needed. As for pricing for the multiple user version, called Win4Lin Terminal Server (WTS) I haven't looked at pricing for a couple of years, but it used to be about $100 per concurrent user. So, it's not strictly a per workstation fee, unless each workstation will be running W4L all the time.


Áncor González Sosa wrote:
Cuentan que el Mon, 02 Jun 2003 11:45:43 -0500
Petre Scheie <petre maltzen net> escribió:

As for what you want to do with Win4Lin, I can say that the sound does work. I haven't tried the local drive access; the floppy should work, I think, but I'm not certain about the CD drive. I'll check it out and post a follow-up.

Have you already checked it? I need to know if it's possible before this
monday :-(

As for sharing an installation, Win4Lin puts some files in each person's home directory, so everyone who is going to use it will have to go through a bit of an installation process, that includes the Windows installation (but you don't need the Windows CD for any but the first install, as the files are already on the hard drive after the first install). When I asked them about multiple people using a single Win4Lin installation, they said you just have to make sure you're licensed for simultaneous use.

I have asked them, but they didn't replay me and I need a prize for tomorrow
Do you know how much NSSE cost for each workstation?


Áncor González Sosa wrote:

I want to install a LTSP in the school where I work, but the teachers are
completely Windows dependent. I want to install Win4lin to make the transition
easier but I have some doubts. There is no evaluation version of win4lin so
I can't test some things and I have to ask somebody (you ;-) ).

I want the terminals running exactly as they were Windows workstations, with
acess to the local drives (floppy and cd) and soundcard. I want to share
most of the Windows installation (with symlinks). Can I make it with a
Win4lin Workstation Edition in the LTSP server or do I need the Win4lin
Terminal Server (NSSE) and a licence to each LTSP node?



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