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Re: [K12OSN] 2 network cards on a Dell GX-110

Interesting: I'm using that exact machine and amount of memory for developing a pilot at my company. For the second NIC I used a Belkin PCI "Desktop Network PCI Card" (I think the model # is F5D5000), the kind you can get for $5 plus a mail-in rebate for $5! I believe it is based on the RealTek 8139B chip. Anyway, I had no trouble installing it or K12LTSP v 3.0.1. What device is it conflicting with? I also have a SCSI card in mine, with a CD-RW attached to it.

If/when you do get it working, I'd be interested to hear if you see any performance difference with apps running on the client versus the console. What I notice is that many (most? all?) apps take two to three times as long to load on the client as on the console. I have just one client at the moment, a P166 with a 100Mb NIC, with a 100Mb hub connecting the two, nothing else is plugged into the hub. The problem could be with the client although I used this same client and hub in our test lab, using a dual Xeon 2.4Ghz server, and there I noticed no difference between that client and some other 700Mhz clients. Perhaps it has to do with the video card on the client (?). Anyway, I'd like to hear about the performance you get, just to compare notes.


Fulton, Wayne wrote:
I am trying to setup a K12LTSP server on a Dell GX-110 1ghz with 512mb ram. Unfortunately, when installing a 2nd PCI NIC in the machine, in addition to the integrated one on the system board, I run into an IRQ conflict. I can go into the BIOS to change the IRQ number, but the other device that's causing the conflict changes as well so that both have the same IRQ number, no matter what I change it to. There are 2 PCI slots on the system and I have tried all three with the same results. Has anyone had any experience with this? TIA for any assistance.

/Wayne Fulton/
/Technical Administrator/
/Manor ISD/

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