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Re: [K12OSN] 2 network cards on a Dell GX-110

Why type of Nic?  I have this running just fine on my 110 (600)  Haven't had a reason to try on the 866 series.

I know that for sanity sake, I usually put a different type of nic than the 3com on board one just to remember which is which while looking at it.  I usually use an intel 10/100 PCI nic.


Heath Henderson
Assistant Technology Administrator
McLean County Unit 5 Schools
Normal, IL 61761   

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>>> fulton manorisd net 06/16/03 09:25AM >>>
I am trying to setup a K12LTSP server on a Dell GX-110 1ghz with 512mb ram.
Unfortunately, when installing a 2nd PCI NIC in the machine, in addition to
the integrated one on the system board, I run into an IRQ conflict. I can go
into the BIOS to change the IRQ number, but the other device that's causing
the conflict changes as well so that both have the same IRQ number, no
matter what I change it to. There are 2 PCI slots on the system and I have
tried all three with the same results. Has anyone had any experience with
this? TIA for any assistance. 

Wayne Fulton
Technical Administrator
Manor ISD

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