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[K12OSN] Gnome crashes on ThinkNICs

After installing k12ltsp 3.1.0 on our server, ThinkNIC clients all crash
when attempting to set preferences in Galeon.  Galeon will load and run
just fine, but any attempt to change settings like proxy, fonts, etc.,
will crash the program.  When started from terminal, the error message
is as follows:

GnomeUI-ERROR **: file gnome-icon-item.c: line 375 (get_default_font):
assertion failed: (default_font != NULL)

Since our ThinkNIC clients are using the Xvesa video driver xfs does not
work on those clients.  I suspect the problem lies there, but I cannot
figure a suitable work-around.

I cannot find any configuration files in the ~/.galeon directories. How
do I make changes to the defaults without doing so within the running


Dr. Daniel Loomis
El Dorado, AR
dloomis cox-internet com

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