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Re: [K12OSN] GLX on K12LTSP

Jonathan Bartlett wrote:

Does anyone have experience with GLX on K12LTSP?  I may be in a position
to recommend it to a few people, and I need to know if I can use
GLX-based programs (like Blender, Celestia, etc) as reasons for moving to

I have a GeForce2MX400/64MB on the Server Console. It works fine. smooth and fast. I run blender and loads of other glx stuff np. Quake3 is the best software to test GLX with - in fact I think I might go and test shortly. 8-)

When trying to run GLX apps on a terminal I get "no GLX found" etc etc.. I would love to test a GLX terminal - I have no AGP PCs for terminals. 8-(

I would be very surprised/pleased if 20 frames per sec was possible over 100BT, even with GLX, but I have not been willing to suggest it would not work, in case I persuaded someone from trying it.

Do keep us informed. 8-)


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