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Re: [K12OSN] GLX on K12LTSP

Brian Fahrlander wrote:

On Mon, 2003-06-16 at 14:38, Steve Wright wrote:

I have a GeForce2MX400/64MB on the Server Console. It works fine. smooth and fast. I run blender and loads of other glx stuff np. Quake3 is the best software to test GLX with - in fact I think I might go and test shortly. 8-)

Ya know, I've heard rumors about GLX allowing you to play Quake/etc on a remote machine...is this finally working then?

   Have you seen 'ET'?  (Return to Castle Wolfenstien: Enemy
Territory...which is why we call it ET)?  It's based on the Quake3
engine and is highly modded to form a WW2 infantry-based battle game.
Just like Q3 it's a First Person Shooter, but it's better because of the
non-optimal shooting accuracy, attention to details of history, and
things like multiple roles: Soldier, Medic, FieldOp, Engineer, and
CovertOp. Blowing things up.  Making things...fighting the war.

heh heh, good fun. rather OT here. 8-)

I have heard about - there is quite a following on the local Linux List, but not played it. I have done quite a bit of freezetag which I really enjoy. anyway - better get this off k12osn! 8-o

In a /partly/ ahem, education related (tolerated?) theme, there is one modpack that transforms the Q3A engine as a water-gun fight in a shopping arcade / back garden / kitchen which is very funny, very cartoon'ish and not at all violent. I had thought (but dared not mention here) that it ahem, *might* be appropriate to actually provide such a service on a school LAN.. but probably not. /me runs..


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