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Re: [K12OSN] Linux in Education Book?

Dear John,

Great stuff. We _have_ the group, though: it's Schoolforge. Its entire purpose
is to unite disparate groups with the goal of promoting open resources in
education: http://www.schoolforge.net

Quoting John McQuilliams <mcquill1 juno com>:
[large snip ...]
> The question asked was, Do you believe that your tax dollars are being used
> wisely in regards to education, how much would you pay to improve your childs
> education.
> Our focus group was immediately considered persona non grata by the local
> district, we were told they would decide how the tax dollars were
> distributed. Needless to say school board elections will change things.
> In writing this missile it is evident that we must bring  the outlying groups
> together and form a single group with a single purpose, the larger the number
> we speak with the more our decision makers will conform.
> To those of you who agree get back to me and lets go to work!
> John McQuilliams
http://members.iteachnet.org/webzine *
http://opensourceschools.org *
http://www.rose-marie.ac.th *


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