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[K12OSN] wiki already set up: Linux in Education Book?

The wiki is ready: http://sfzwiki.opensourceschools.org

I was meaning to let folks know we had redone it. The default page is up, but
it's ready to edit. 


Quoting Satyakam Goswami <goswami iiit net>:

> On Mon, 2003-06-16 at 23:10, Worden, Bill wrote:
> > Linux offers a lot to education.  It's derived from a collaborative
> effort
> > which is motivated by the joy of learning.  It is the ONLY major OS
> hmmm may be we can setup wiki somewhere why now all contribute the
> chapters, then you compile them and take donations or look for a sponsor
> to print the book in traditional way or you can publish the book as
> Ebook, any way the condition is it has to be GPL'ed.
> cheers
> S.Goswami
> -- 
> Center for Open Software
> IIIT Hyderabad,Room # 212
> Ph:23001967, 69, extn: 138
> Mobile:9849382770

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http://opensourceschools.org *
http://www.rose-marie.ac.th *


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