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Re: [K12OSN] Menus Redhat 8.0

On Tue, 2003-06-17 at 21:54, Petre Scheie wrote:
> Could you add your notes to the wiki I started on customizing the menus 
> & icons?  There may be some overlap between what you have and what I 
> wrote; and if you want to edit what I wrote, go right ahead.  But the 
> more important part is to have as much info/documentation about these 
> sorts of things as possible.
> This touches what I see as a weakness to wikis: the idea that everyone 
> can edit a given document implies that there should be/will be just one 
> document on a given subject, and everyone helps to refine that one 
> document.


>  I guess this is just long winded way of saying I 
> wish the wiki had a better mechanism for people to append info to 
> existing docs.
> Petre

I couldn't agree more.  Initially, I found the idea of a Wiki 
attractive in that it allowed *interactive* web pages to be built
by anyone - very democratic like Open Source software itself.  But,
once the gloss wears off you realise that very useful info can be
wiped away by a well-meaning but misguided contributor.  The result
could well be complete rubbish.  

What's the alternative?  Perhaps instead of a Wiki or FAQ-omatic
system, a document versioning system would be better to fulfil 
what Petre was describing.  Many on this list being in the education 
sector would probably know suitable software.  Is setting up a CVS 
(for documents - not software development) a better way to go?  

Please offer your ideas, because I have fruitlessly
pondered this issue more than once and welcome guidance. 

Regards, Gavin.    

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