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RE: [K12OSN] Development projects (LDAP 4.0/Samba 3.0/Nagios+MySQL)


I've taken a look at Nagios (tried to set up on an RH 7.3 system), and agree
- it's a major pain to configure.  In fact, I haven't been able to get it to
work (possibly more a result of my lameness than to degree of difficulty).
But this looks to be a very useful tool, so any work you do on it, and
suggestions you pass along, would be very useful.


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Subject: [K12OSN] Development projects (LDAP 4.0/Samba 3.0/Nagios+MySQL)

Hey folks,

Before I disappear into Arkansas for a week, I have a couple different
development projects cooking that may be of interest to the hackers in
the audience.

Please note that all of these are works-in-progress. Don't even think
about using them on production boxes. Beware ;-)

LTSP 4.0 alpha 3 was released recently: http://www.ltsp.org/lbe-alpha-3.html
If you want to give these a spin, I built RPMS:


You're likely to run into a lot of package conflicts. If you don't know
how to resolve package conflicts, you don't want to download these ;-)

Samba 3.0.0 beta 1 was released recently as well. Samba 3.0 has a modular
authentication system, meaning it is less of a pain to use LDAP as the
backend. This a *magnitude* easier for me to incorporate into K12LTSP,
so I'm quite happy to see it!

I have updated my ldap-scripts package to work with Samba 3.0. This has
seen *very* little testing, but so far it has gone really well. The
README has step-by-step instructions that worked for me. Your milage will


Finally, I have a couple projects cooking that need 24x7 monitoring. We
have been using HP OpenView, but have been looking to replace it. I've
been testing Nagios and have grown to like it. Nagios is a pain to
however, so I've been working on simplifying the configuration. Plus I have
a need to run arbitrary reports that is not very well supported by the
default web interface, so I've been working on MySQL support as well.

If you have not seen Nagios, the home page is at http://www.nagios.org and
there is a public system available at http://nagios.square-box.com/
and password are guest/guest)

I have packages and have started documentation on how my config scripts
work, how to add new types of services to monitor, and the like. Read the
README for the dirty details.



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