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Re: [K12OSN] k12ltsp 3.1.0 & nvidia client

ok, I have one of these cards.

Here's a few hints for you ;



HTH, Steve

Mella wrote:


about 3 days I try get running client with Nvidia GeForce4MX400 by

If I put in old Matrox MGA PCI card, all works OK vithout any modeline
and SERVER=auto.

With AGP GeForce4 I must write SERVER=nv because without it cannot
recognize card.
And even with modeline:

X_MODE_0 = 1024x768  95.05  1024 1088 1200 1376  768 769 772 807  -HSync

it start it with right resolution but with 60Hz refresh. I suspect, it
still cannot recognize this card properly cause it tries several times
(screen flicking) before..

I am out of ideas.

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