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[K12OSN] Please take this fast survey about open source in K-12

Do you use Linux or other open source software in K-12? Please take our
survey: http://www.netc.org/surveys/oss/oss.asp 

Over 80 educators responded to our first survey, from November to March. In
April we relaunched the survey with new, improved questions. So if you
responded before April, please come again! It takes less than 10 minutes.

The results of the first survey are at:

We'll be sharing the results from the second survey at NECC and online. This
is your chance to be counted, and to express your opinion on the merits (and
challenges) of open source in K-12.

Thanks in advance.

Kym Buchanan, Research Specialist
Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory (NWREL)
Northwest Educational Technology Consortium (NETC)
101 SW Main, Suite 500, Portland, Oregon 97204
Telephone: (503) 275-9605
Fax: (503) 275-0449
Email: buchanak nwrel org
Web: http://www.netc.org
Photo: http://www.netc.org/oss/kym.html

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