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[K12OSN] Holy Crap!

[If you've been fence-sitting trying to get up the courage to install
K12LTSP, please read.]

    I felt burned by the original LTSP, since I'd run it for about a
year before I left Chicago, but once I got here, and the LTSP had been
upgraded to 3.x, I could never get it to work again...not on the cool,
$90 network-bootable NIC I bought, not on any of my boot-disks, and most
surprisingly, not on the $300 Jammin-125.

    I have put of installing the thing for days since the latest release
came out.  I was dreading it.  I need to install it on a demonstration
server for work, but I don't want to mess it up.

    I installed it yesterday, putting off the hard work for later. I
finally got up the courage/strength/rest to install the Jammin-125
upstairs and plug in the wires. Just for kicks, I installed the webcam,
but I put in the keyboard, mouse, video, thinking "I sure hope this
isn't a waste of time; running LTSP was so cool.

    I even went so far as to turn it on, and it didn't see the pre-boot
hang...in under a minute it was going blue and painting the GDM login
screen!  There were even kids in a circle, and one was wearing a Red
Hat!  Hazaa!  Even if it isn't tuned, it's working!

    It's obvious that the "K12" part of this project has 'done their
homework' (pun intended) to make the LTSP part work even better.  I
can't tell you how much better I feel; finally I'll have that second
workstation in the trailer...an added mega-feature to put onto the demo
box...and a chance at rolling out several of these to local
businesses...so just maybe I'll be able to buy something other than
cigarettes!  :)

    Great work guys; I don't surprise easily, but you've done a great
job. Look for me to be much more participant in the discussions and
things now.


Brian Fahrlander                             Linux Zealot, Conservative,
Evansville, IN                                             and Technomad
ICQ 5119262                                    http://www.kamakiriad.com
Linux: it's all about choice and better software.      Live free or die.

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