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Re: [K12OSN] ACL Support

The RedHat kernel source RPMS are already patched with both ACLs and
Extended Attributes, but they are not in the compiled kernel.  All you
need to do is make sure the kernel-source RPM is installed and then:
# cd /usr/src/linux-2.4
# cp configs/<base config for your architecture> .config
# make xconfig

and make sure both ACLs (and the appropriate filesystem-specific ACL
code) and extended attributes are set to "y" 

then just build and install the kernel as usual
(in other words: 
# make dep bzImage modules install modules_install
or some variation thereof

On Wed, 2003-06-18 at 07:04, Brent D. Norris wrote:
> I just finished a fresh install RH9 on a new server and I am looking to
> add ACL support to the kernel.  I have tried adding the acl and ea
> patches, but both of them have some hunks rejected.  Since I am not a
> coder, I can't get very far in correcting these and merging them into my
> kernel tree.  Does anyone have any info on where I could get RH patched to
> the kernel or a RH kernel that supports ACL?  I don't really want to go
> with the vanilla kernel if I can avoid it.  Thanks for any help.
> Brent Norris (http://brentnorris.net)
> Assistant Technology Coordinator, Edmonson County Schools
> H: 270.563.9226
> Cell: 270.246.0152
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