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[K12OSN] Ximian Desktop seems to causes login problems with sound, logoutproblems

Here is an interesting problem.

I have a RedHat 8.0 K12LTSP machine and I decided to install the XD2
desktop to see how it might work.

Some interesting things occurred:

When trying to log into terminals that have sound enabled kde, icewm,
and gnome would come to a blue screen and just sit there...disable sound
in the ltsp.conf and it works as previously for kde and icewm, and

Now the second issue I noticed is that once logged into gnome -- you
can't log out.

So am working on solutions for these problems but I thought I might
point them out to everyone in hopes of warning and in hopes someone
might have a tip or two that may have already been though this process
and worked through these issues.
Matthew McCarty <matthew marketdatacenter net>

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