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[K12OSN] Linux in Education Book talk moved to sfbook@members.iteachnet.org

Dear All,

Those interested in a Linux/Open Source book for education are invited to join
the sfbook mailing list: http://iteachnet.org/mailman/listinfo/sfbook

I have subscribed the seven of whom I am sure. We'll build from there.

We are discussing the pros and cons of a wiki vs cvs or both for the container.
The story's progress, at least, will be posted on www.schoolforge.org.uk,
sfzwiki.opensourceschools.org and news.schoolforge.net -- at least. Next, we
will move on to a preliminary structure agreement and a list of likely authors.
We hope to be calling on many of you successfully for a "chapter" or so.

Best wishes,


http://members.iteachnet.org/webzine *
http://opensourceschools.org *
http://www.rose-marie.ac.th *


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