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[K12OSN] RE: Need help using fdisk to partition HD

Sorry, I was unclear.

I tried each distribution and when one failed, I tried the next.  I'm just
trying to get it so _something_ can be installed, then I'll work on getting
K12LTSP installed.

I tried the install with K12LTSP (2.x) and it didn't work.  I then tried
with IPCOP (just to see if it would install) and it didn't work.  Same thing
for CensorNet.


> From: IT <IT s1fc com> 
> To: "'k12osn redhat com'" <k12osn redhat com> 
> Subject: RE: [K12OSN] Help using fdisk to partition HD 
> Date: Thu Jun 19 09:00:05 2003 
> How do you install K12LTSP/IPCOP/CensorNet on one box?
> Dimitri
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: dale quigg aspentech com [mailto:dale quigg aspentech com]
>> Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2003 19:06
>> To: k12osn redhat com
>> Subject: [K12OSN] Help using fdisk to partition HD
>> Hi,
>> I purchased an Intel SR1200 with the ATA SCB2 MB on ebay last week.  The
>> machine boots and seems to run fine with some customized version of
>> RedHat.  When I tried to install K12LTSP/IPCOP/CensorNet on the box, it
>>  always fails with an error like "Disk error" and it kicks me out of the
>> install.
>> There is a note on the Intel site saying;
>> -----
>> "If you have a single drive on the Promise* RAID IDE channel and the 
>> drive is configured to be a slave device via the jumpers on the hard
>> drive, Promise* FastBuild will allow you to create an array with 
>> that drive.
>> However, when installing the OS and upon loading the OS driver, the
>> system will respond back saying that it cannot locate any hard drives.
>> You need to configure the single device as a master device on the
>> Promise* RAID IDE controller to successfully load the OS drivers"
>> -----
>> I've move the jumper on the HD and moved the disk to the Master slot 
>> on the machine.  Still no luck.
>> I'm thinking that perhaps partitioning manually with fdisk will 
>> work-around the problem.  Can anyone give me some pointers for 
>> partitions and sizes?
>> I'm just using this at home to learn K12LTSP, so it's not super 
>> critical, but I wanted to be in the ballpark.
>> The machine has a 60GB drive.  Please feel free to tell me to RTFM (but
>> please point out where the manual is).
>> Thanks,
>> Dale

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