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[K12OSN] Interesting Anomaly

Running k12ltsp 3.1.0 on ThinkNIC clients Galeon keeps crashing whenever I
click on >settings>preferences.  When I change the system font from UTF-8 to
iso885915 the problem goes away.  Very odd indeed!

Also, Mozilla 1.2.1 on the same machines has a problem transmitting
keystrokes to Google.  Going to the google site and entering a search
criteria the browser just sits there as if waiting for input.  The search
does not appear to be getting transmitted to the search engine.  The problem
does not seem related to the UTF-8 / iso885915 problem noted above.
Changing the language settings does not make any differences.

Has anyone else experienced these "anomalies?"

I am using the default installation of k12ltsp running on a dual athlon
server with 1 gig memory, scsi hd, squid with squidGuard and iptables turned


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