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[K12OSN] I need your opinion about these machines

Oops...this wasn't supposed to go to you...I was asking someone else their
opinion...oh well....LOL...the mind is the first thing to go

I need your opinion....given these specs....do ya' think these will work
with K12LTSP?  I have plenty of network cards....so if they have PCI
slots, then that's not an issue.  My biggest concern is the video cards
and the general architecture....any opinions?  I could use them if they'd
work for terminals for K12LTSP.  I need more terminals.

Let me know your opinions....especially about the VESA Trident
cards....(whether or not they'll work)
>For the most part (50) they are 
>486 DX2 66 mhz..
>AT style case/MBs Mini Towers, 
>16 mb of ram (72 pin simms) 
>540MB hard drive... or larger.. 
>VESA Trident Video Cards  
>VESA IO/IDE controllers...
> a few have had HDs or floppys removed...
>there are 20 or so that range from 
>486 25mhz to 120mhz...
>hard drives 420mb - 2gb 
>varying controllers/video... 
>some do have 10 MB (NE2000) network cards and I could find some more of
>as far as monitors go... mostly 15" CTX as well as others 14-15" and a
>few 17".. 
>a few (have been identified) need a lil work (yellow screens) 2 minutes
>with a soldering iron and they would be fine
>my guess is that 90%+ of the systems & monitors would be functional... a
>few for parts etc.. 

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Coordinator
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask vcs u52 k12 me us

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