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Re: [K12OSN] clusetKnoppix (LTSP+openMosix live server CD)

I'm a little behind reading the list so this might
have been stated already. What I would do is tell easy
CD creator to burn the cd at a slower rate. That is
what I have to do on my office computer sometimes.
Also, have you recently changed CD brands? One of my
CDRWs won't burn to one type of CDR I have.


--- Stephen Liu <satimis icare com hk> wrote:
> My problem is that I download the iso image on a Win
> machine with
> broadband connection.  The said machine has a Sony
> CD-Writer with only
> 4MB buffer working at 12X 8X 32X speed and running
> Easy CD creator.  It
> is not feasible to buy another Samsung CD-Writer
> with 8MB buffer to
> solve the problem.  The Sony CD-Writer is working
> fine without problem
> in burning Redhat ISO images only having problem in
> burning Debian
> image.  Maybe the later requires more buffer.

David D. Nelson
nelsda yahoo com

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