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Re: Alteratives to Wiki - was Re: [K12OSN] Menus Redhat 8.0

On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 18:59, Steve Wright wrote:
> Gavin Chester wrote:
> >>What's the alternative?  Perhaps instead of a Wiki or FAQ-omatic
> >>system, a document versioning system would be better to fulfil 
> >>what Petre was describing.
> >>
> it doesn't matter.  Google will find and index everything, provided 
> words are chosen carefully, and error messages are included verbatim.  
> Always start searching with Google.
> /steve

and Petre (speaking for him based on his original post) was/were
driving at:    
A Wiki document gets altered over time and soon can lose the original 
intent and content.  So, no amount of googling will reveal info on 
the web if it's long been overwritten by any number of subsequent
authors ;-)        

How does one avoid this?  The only way is never deleting ANY previous
iteration of a document; hence, my suggestion that all versions 
of a document be preserved via a CVS type of setup. 

I don't know if that's a useful suggestion so I was wanting to 
brainstorm ideas from more experienced collaborative authors/workers
on how best to develop a document, publicly.  I see a Wiki as  
seeming like a good idea - but ultimately it can't possibly work
that well in a real world.


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