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Re: [K12OSN] I need your opinion about these machines

Make sure you *try* a PCI NIC in one before you assume it will work. I've got a 133Mhz 486 mobo with PCI slots, but I can't get it to run as a client. During the loading of the kernel it has various problems; I forget the particulars, but the bottom line was it wasn't usable.


David Trask wrote:
Oops...this wasn't supposed to go to you...I was asking someone else their
opinion...oh well....LOL...the mind is the first thing to go

I need your opinion....given these specs....do ya' think these will work with K12LTSP? I have plenty of network cards....so if they have PCI slots, then that's not an issue. My biggest concern is the video cards and the general architecture....any opinions? I could use them if they'd work for terminals for K12LTSP. I need more terminals.

Let me know your opinions....especially about the VESA Trident
cards....(whether or not they'll work)

For the most part (50) they are 486 DX2 66 mhz..
AT style case/MBs Mini Towers, 16 mb of ram (72 pin simms) 540MB hard drive... or larger.. VESA Trident Video Cards VESA IO/IDE controllers...
a few have had HDs or floppys removed...

there are 20 or so that range from 486 25mhz to 120mhz...
hard drives 420mb - 2gb varying controllers/video... some do have 10 MB (NE2000) network cards and I could find some more of
them.... as far as monitors go... mostly 15" CTX as well as others 14-15" and a
few 17".. a few (have been identified) need a lil work (yellow screens) 2 minutes
with a soldering iron and they would be fine
my guess is that 90%+ of the systems & monitors would be functional... a
few for parts etc..

David N. Trask Technology Teacher/Coordinator Vassalboro Community School dtrask vcs u52 k12 me us (207)923-3100

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