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[K12OSN] (no subject)


This is a cross-post from the Shrike list, so I'm sorry for any dejavu :-)

I'm in the process of setting up central authentication and files serving for a group of 75 Linux workstations and thin clients.

If I never want to have Windows boxes working with this network, shall I just use NIS?

I'm looking for the easiest system to maintain and users must be able to change their passwords from any workstation.

I've already tried to setup an NIS server on a Redhat9 box with all of the required packages, but the Redhat9 mans and docs only covers Ldap... Online docs seem to be out of date. Following the instructions in 'Linux Administration Handbook' by Nemeth, Snyder and Hein (2002), everything seems to work until I'm supposed to run ypinit -s. It is located in /usr/lib/yp/ as a shell script but is not executable.

Thanks for any ideas.


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