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[K12OSN] Disable nautilus at icewm startup and very slow system performance.


I'm now trying to stop nautilus from starting when a user logs on and icewm launches.

I've commented out:

#/usr/bin/nautilus &

in /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions/IceWM but I still get nautilus starting and dropping its icons on the desktop with the nautilus file manager openning.

I've emptied out the test user's folder, including hidden but it still opens...

I must be missing it being called somewhere else.

I hope that with these changes the overall system speed will improve because right now it is quite slow compared to the last 3.0.1

I've noticed a process called kdm_greet and don't know/remeber if it was used in the vanilla 3.0.1 install. The reason that I question this is that each process of 30 takes 17megs- way more I'm sure than my last processes required at logon with the 3.0.1.

Needing to get things up to speed,


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